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Warning! In 2010, hackers are already writing new forms of infections to scare users into paying money to fix their computers. "Scareware", "Ransomware", "Rogueware" are many different variations of this same issue. Digital Crisis would like to point out that we have multiple technicians who are capable of removing these infections. DO NOT send any of your hard earned money to these Last year alone, Americans spent over $150 Million on these malicious programs.

Luis Corrons Granel, a researcher at Panda Security, said use of ransomware by criminals is exploding -- 25 percent of all rogueware in the past quarter involved a family of intimidating products named "TotalAntivirus.” It demands that users pay $50 for two years, $79 for a lifetime license.“The increase (in ransomware) has been really significant,” Granel said. A single family of ransomware programs called “Total Security” made up one-quarter of all rogueware programs detected during the past three months, he said.

"Instead of trying to fool people and getting one out of 1,000 to pay, what they're doing now is just locking up the PC and telling them they have to pay," he said. "It's a really violent approach, really nasty." There might be one silver lining to the rise of ransomware, Cassidy said. "It's not in that gray area of selling people useless crap," he said. “It’s clearly criminal, and extortion does get the attention of law enforcement officials.”The latest flavor of ransomware, described on Jan. 8 by security firm F-Secure, doesn't disable all software, but it does something just as debilitating -- it encrypts all the files on a victim's computer, and forces them to pay for decryption. The program, which calls itself Data Doctor 2010, costs $89.

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