Disabled veteran needs a rental room
USD 450

I am a 57 yr old single male, a disabled veteran(60%), a no-smoker, and I need to rent a room for an extended period(at least 6 months, maybe more). I need very little space. But I do need wireless internet access, and the necessary appliances to store and prepare my own meals. I would prefer a downstairs unit, with a/c of course and cable television. Also, close to shopping and the local casino(s). I have direct deposit of my VA benefits on the first of each month. The room would also need to be fully furnished. I need this room as soon as possible---on or about the first of April would be optimum. Monthly rental should also include utilities, and should run from $250 to $450 per month, all bills paid. If you have something like this or know of a place, please email me at gkrivers56@yahoo.com with the information.

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