Professional computer services & repairs ( Las Vegas, NV )

Professional computer repairs

* We will repair your computer or server for you!
* Your computer will start to work line new.
* Your computer will be protected from prying eyes or hackers

Quit inviting non-professional computer wannabe engineers (we call them wannabe-a-geek) to fix your computer, or get access to your system, its dangerous! The truth is they know little about computer systems and charge low rates so they gain access to your computer system, and not only have you giving your privacy to them, but they will mess up your computer systems and you will be left alone! If this has happened to you, please call us now!

At Global Resources, LLC you are not ALONE!
Global Resources, LLC. is a duly registered corporation under the State Laws. --Meaning if anything goes wrong? You know where to call!

We are working professionally and strives to exceed our customer\'s satisfaction!

Below are what we do, if you need anything else do not hesitate to send in your request.

* Computer repairs (from beginning to end)
* OS installation, re-installation, troubleshooting or diagnosis: (Windows / Linux / Unix )
* Data Digital Forensic if you deleted some files and you need them back, we can make it happen. ( We can recover anything that\'s being deleted on your hard drive even before you bought it or after you bought it)
* Data Backups / Transfers (locally or remotely) : Without a sweat
* Digital back-ups your computer/server securely.
* Virus / detection and removal. (Powerful anti-virus installation FREE)
* Computer & Data security: Secure your server or PC from any attack or sniffers, eavesdropping, ARP rerouting, from hackers / attacker


* Software development: Need special software to be tailored to your need? we develop software using C, C++, Visual Basic, PHP, Perl, Python, .NET
* Dynamic Website design: Get an eCommerce & SEO compliance website within days, and be listed on powerful search engines; google, msn, altavista, bing
* Web Hosting: 99.9% up-time web hosting service.
* Quality, reliable, affordable SEO services. Do you have website but need traffic to make sales? Call us now!


* Web server installation and setup: Linux / Unix Web server monitoring services and attack protections
* Database development & management: (MSSQL, MYSQL, ORACLE, InforMIX, Sybase) we are expert!


* Networking installation and troubleshooting: WLAN (Wide Area Networking) LAN (Local Area Networking) MAN Metropolitan Area Networking -- Using Spread Spectrum Technology / Fibre Optic. Or a simple wired / wireless networking
* Remote PC Service support. We do not need to be at your location for some support and troubleshooting
* Hard disk cloning: RAID SUPPORTS or just hard disk cloning online / offline

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