Dare to be ruined: Get your balls busted GOOD tonight and kiss My ass while

I don’t beat around the bush. You’re a fucking cunt and I am a beautiful muse sent here to rescue YOU from your pathetic fucking existence. You might be successful, but let me tell you something: I will remind you of the areas in which you fail. To Me, you are a means to an end, to Me, you’re barely good enough to tongue clean the bottoms of my shoes.
Some of my interests include (but are not limited to)
*Cock and Ball Torture
*Bondage and Fetish Fantasy
*Cock Sucking
Trust me, I am the Goddess bitch of your dreams and you should be grateful to even be in my presence. I deal in Phone Domination, so please only serious inquiries about such scenarios will be entertained.
See me:
Call Me, fucker: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx

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