With 85 Watt Solar Module

Our pumps are primarily designed to efficiently supply potable water to off-grid remote site dwellings and for other low volume intermittent duty applications. It consists of the following components:
1. (1) 85 Watt solar module.
2. (1) 12 volt Submersible Solar Water Pump, or 24 volt model - please specify.
3. (1) Model PPT 12-24-7V Linear Current Booster not for use with battery.

The complete submersible well pump measures 8.5\\\" high X 3.5\\\" in diameter, and weighs 4.5 lbs
The case features the following industrial quality components:
Case: Heavy gauge impact extruded 3 1/2\\\" O.D. anodized aluminum case fits 4\\\" or larger wells.
Main Gasket: Natural seamless rubber.
Wire Leads: 8\\\" color-coded 12 AWG vinyl insulated standard copper.
Wire Seals: EPDM rubber plugs integrally installed to above wire leads.
Intake Filter: 20 mesh spring-loaded stainless steel
Discharge Fitting: 1/2\\\" male NPT
FLOJET pumps used in the Submersibles feature industrial grade head/motor units with the following specifications:
Motor: Low current draw permanent magnet, ball bearing drive, 2,000 hour brush life.
Pump Head: Positive displacement, duplex diaphragm design tolerates passage of small foreign particles and can be run dry without damage.
Field serviceable: Simple disassembly provides user access to rebuildable head and replaceable motor brushes.
Performance: Typically 1 to 2 GPM depending on lift height (head) and operating voltage. Maximum head is conservatively rated at 220 feet
Power Draw: Typically 75 to 100 watts at full load.

For more information, please visit our webpage:
Or contact Walt: Phone 401-725-8141 8am-5pm est. Mon-Fri.
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