1989 Restored BMW 525I
USD 1,700

5 Series
4 doors
Exterior Color
Luxury west coast ride for econocar price! I have restored this car to a clean condition. The interior dash is immaculate as well as the carpet. The only thing I haven\\\\\\\'t done is repair a tear in the front driver\\\\\\\'s seat.The sunroof works perfectly as well as the CD/Mp3 stereo and air conditioning, power seats, power windows. There is a small ding the size of a dime on the hood which you can see in the photo. Approx. 197,000 miles, mostly highway.

It has been parked in a garage for it\\\\\\\'s entire time with me and I\\\\\\\'ve replaced the timing belt, the alternator, the radiator, the solenoid, battery and major suspension component parts in the last 3 years to be safe. This means no major replacement of expensive parts in the near future. This car has been babied, and if you want to continue the treatment, I am including a hundred dollars worth of cleaning products with it (Klasse sealant, Leatherique and a chrome restore kit) and the repair manual. Just call me and I can tell you where are the best places to get cheap parts in L.A.

The price is a cash price because of the deal. I loved coming home and driving this car in L.A., it\\\\\\\'s a true classic BMW now, and has more style than the computerized ones out of the dealers these days. It has some computerized functions, but you can actually work on this car yourself. There is plenty of information on the internet, just google BMW 525i E34 m20.

Do not come to see this car if you are expecting a perfect paint job and a complete classic restoration. A completely mint restored 89 BMW was listed here on Craigslist last week for $6000.00!! This car has been repainted and there are some imperfections that can be fixed for about $250.00 by a good detailer. The car was sold to me with a salvage title by my mechanic of 6 years who rebuilt this car for their mother to drive. So if you\\\\\\\'re worried about a wrecked car, their mother and I have driven it from 2004 to present without a problem. You can call them in Los Feliz and verify this.

The car will be shown for all buyers at one appointment time on Saturday 5/14. I will email everyone time and location.

An older model car has character from it\\\\\\\'s time on the road, and is for the person who can appreciate that. If you put just a little work into it, it can be perfect. If you can\\\\\\\'t understand this, then please just move on and go buy a reliable Honda Civic. Sorry for the long description, but the people who came to see the car after the first posting had unrealistic expectations. Thanks!

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