Cute mix color KOI fishes available at their best prices.
USD 200

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When you look into a pond of Koi, you will be invariably greeted with an array of colors: red, black, white and yellow, the

list can be endless.The choice made will be probably dependent on the choice of the person. What appeals to one person will

not necessary appeals to another and this is one of the factors that makes keeping Koi so enjoyable.Virtually, every Koi can

be classified, we will attempt to help you recognize the major varieties. Hopefully, the information given here will help you

to recognize both the positive & negative expects of the Koi, therefore enabling you to get not just the best value but a Koi

that has real potential.There are over 100 named varieties and the Japanese are creating new ones all the time. But we hope

what you are about to read will deepen your knowledge of Koi contact us back if you will be interested in some of them

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