The Office Is Devastatingly Funny - $55

Depressing fun. Michael is like watching a disaster in progress ... just look ... and when you can not pull off. Yet you find yourself watching week after week, no matter how uncomfortable his tricks to make you feel. Everyone talks about what a boss is terrible, but the truth is that what makes this great show is not his leadership horrible, but its complete oblivion. He is so stupid ... and if he had no idea it would be a shame, because a human being, but not too bright, is a thought stop at nothing to become the person you love. Only an entirely incapable ... and that is what sets the stage for some of the scenarios goosebumps comic imaginable.

What really makes the work itself is the support team. They are an eclectic group of personalities bizarre. You also have a range of dynamic ... inter-office romances ... scams ... bizarre stories ... and strong personalities.

There are some things you just do not understand ... I do not know why I\'m so are more the absurdity of it all. For example, Michael hates, hates Toby Toby seriously because it is repulsive ... Meanwhile,Toby is about the most benign person in the world.

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