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Located in the heart of Tempe, THE Studio Salons @Tempe is the master solution for salon professionals and entrepreneurs looking for state of the art, luxury salon space for lease. Whether you desire to start your own salon or already have a dedicated customer base that needs high quality salon space and offerings, THE Studio Salons @Tampe exclusive location, freeway access and elegant offerings make it the perfect place for you to setup shop.


* You set your pricing. No More Commissions!!
* Choose your own products, you keep ALL the Profits
* Adjustable "Natural Spectrum" lighting
* Full length 6' Framed Mirrors at EVERY STATION
* Custom cabinetry and Belvedere Chair in EVERY SUITE
* Shuttle Shampoo Station or Tilting bowl in EVERY SUITE
* Climate and Exhaust control, Private locking door
* Power, Water, Laundry Facilities, Internet & Cable FREE!
* Work the hours you choose: 7 days/week, 24 hrs/day, 365 days/yr
* Face page on Salon Website - Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter friendly

*** This Month's Specials ***

2 Weeks FREE RENT!!!!


Refer a Friend, receive an ADDITIONAL 1 WEEK FREE!

> $275 per week * Single Suite (More Cabinet Space for Product)
> $325 per week * Single Studio (More Floor Space)
> $550 per week * Double Studio (Interior Only)
> $600 per week * Double Studio (Window Front of Building)


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