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Real Estate Mentor for Your Coaching -- Also, Realtor Referrals for You.

I am aVery Successful Real Estate Mentor is now Available for Your Private Coaching. I am an Experienced and Knowledgeable Real Estate Investor. I am available to be Your Private "One on One" Real Estate Teacher.
I have over 20 years of very successful real estate experience. I have two Masters Degrees. I have been inducted into the Hall of Fame with a major national real estate company.Also, I can Refer you to an Excellent Realtor to get your Home Sold Fast at a Great Price. I can assist you in any geographic location. I am located in Colorado and I have assisted people in areas throughout the country. I have bought, sold, flipped, rented, managed and expertly negotiated on many houses and condos.
In summary, I am an extremely successful real estate investor, and also a fully licensed and insured real estate broker. I have great experience buying and selling homes. This wealth of experience can be yours, with my private real estate classes. I provide friendly, knowledgeable and courteous real estate mentoring.

My very reasonable fee is only $75 per hour.
I provide knowledgeable and honest "one on one" private real estate teaching. Your real estate coaching can be in person or on the telephone.
My many years of successful real estate experience and this wealth of information can be yours for only $75 per hour. (Please note: I do Not give free advice).
This private real estate consultation is tailored to your goals and needs. (Please note that I am Not going to ask you to purchase any real estate course materials.)
You could learn how to make money in real estate investing, and how you could avoid costly mistakes.
I also can give you a great Realtor Referral to get your home sold fast. I can Refer you to a local, excellent, honest and hard working Real Estate Agent to List your home at a great price to get it sold fast. Please Do Not contact me if your home is currently listed, unless you are terminating your existing real estate broker.

Send your Telephone Number now to schedule an appointment. Please be Very Serious about immediately working with a knowledgeable real estate coach and paying just $75 per hour for this wealth of information.
So please contact me before my schedule fills up.

I thank you in advance for your reply.
Any location.

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