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What is R-Lite?

A Seriously ENTERPRISE wide recruiting and applicant tracking solution that is focused on getting organizations better.

R-Lite Can help:

* Enterprise recruiting for organizations that take their recruiting seriously

* Make remove to centralize your data and recruiting, break from individual dependency and prove value.

* Track accountability of any one be it – your customer or recruiter or candidates or job boards.

* Companies that want to reduce cost and go web based but cannot compromise in quality.

Our Competition can help:-

* Management which believes email based recruiting is next best thing to back bread.

* Companies that just want to download and submit bulk resumes without a process or quality.

* organizations that want to pay thousands of dollars for what we do for free or a fraction.

And yes, we are relatively new and we are not SAP or Taleo, but we have what it makes to make the SME grow.

If you feel your organization is ready for R-Lite … here is our Bonus to you – The Solution is FREE

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