Format: Kindle Edition File Size: 277 KB Print Length: 259 pages Page Numbers

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Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 277 KB
Print Length: 259 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0983654204
Publisher: Sweetwater Crossing (November 1, 2011)
Language: English

Product Description
Billy never really felt like he fit in. From his classroom, to his home, and even on old bus number fourteen, he always knew there was somewhere else he had to belong. When his one and only friend, an elderly man named Mr. Richardson comes up missing, Billy finds himself in a strange new world where his dreams have now become his reality.

Follow along with Billy from the deck of the Journeyman Ship to the top of Cloud Shadow Tower as he learns about the new world he now finds himself a part of. With the help of some new friends and magical creatures, follow along as Billy unfolds one mystery after another.

Whatever happened to the old man he once called his only friend? Will he ever get back to the world he left behind? Does he really have a power hidden away inside of him, just waiting to come out? Find out when you step forward with Billy out of reality and through the enchanted mirror.

About the Author
After teaching secondary science for over ten years it is truly remarkable how thin the line between science and science fiction really is. Being the father of four children, as well as a school teacher, has given me an amazing sounding board for science and fantasy. Allowing my creativity to flow into the pages of this book has been a truly rewarding experience on all levels.
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