Numark NS6 4 Channel Digital DJ Mixer Controller Software Bundle
USD 300

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NS6 is a 4-channel Digital DJ controller with complete built-in mixer and four decks of software control. NS6 is the first truly pro-grade DJ controller and standalone 4-channel mixer with effects, allowing you to mix external sources with tracks on your computer.
- The NS6 platters are the most responsive, highest-resolution touch-activated platters ever produced in a DJ product, delivering an astounding 3,600 ticks of resolution per rotation.
- With an all-new 4-deck version of Serato, NS6 gives you an unbelievable amount of options for performing.
- NS6 was designed to blur the line between you and your music, to give you ultimate control and a truly interactive experience.
- At the heart of NS6 is a premium-quality fully independent 4-channel mixer that can be used with or without a computer, making NS6 perhaps the most versatile DJ controller and mixer combination in the world.
- NS6's audio interface has been engineered to sound authentic and full, retaining the integrity of your music.
- Serato has become synonymous with intuitive, stable, powerful DJ software.
- Interacting with the music is what DJing is all about, and NS6 opens creative doors in every direction.
- NS6 continues in the tradition of NS7, NS7FX and V7 by giving you complete, tactile control and real-time visual feedback of your set. You'll spend less time looking at the computer screen.
- With NS6 you get three ways to loop.
- Slice and dice your tracks with NS6's assignable hot-cue buttons.
- The Skip button on NS6 is an all-new feature you'll have to hear to believe.
- NS6's Beat Grid function gives you the ability to manually adjust the beat grid of any song.
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