Davis Rules TV Series on 7 DVDs stars Randy Quaid, Bonnie Hunt, Jonathan Winters
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Davis Rules
Here is a set of 7 dvd's of the short lived 1991-1992 TV series Davis Rules. These were taken from recordings of the original broadcasts and would rate about an 8 or 9 out of 10 in picture quality. The show stars Randy Quaid, Bonnie Hunt, Jonathan Winters, Patricia Clarkson, Debra Mooney, Debra Jo Rupp, Rigoberto Jimenez Tamayo Otsuki, Nathan Watt, and Trevor Bullock.
The show centers on Grammar school principal Dwight Davis has disciplinary problems around the clock in this light comedy. As if the kids in school weren't enough, he's a single dad with three boys. The biggest kid of all, however, is Dwight's eccentric father(played wonderfully by Jonathan Winters), who lives with them and regularly dispenses outlandish advice.
This sets represents 28 or the 29 shows produced, unfortunately I am missing episode #6 “Yes, I'm The Great Pretender”.
Discs are nicely authored with menus and episode selection, all episodes are complete with the commercials as originally broadcast, however there is a chapter mark for you to skip over them and return to the show if you do not want to watch them. Discs are recorded on high quality discs. Discs are shipped in plain white paper sleeves.
Disc 1
A Man For All Reasons(Pilot) 1/27/91
Rules Of The Game 1/29/91
The Trouble With Women 2/5/91
Guys and Dolls 2/12/91
Disc 2
Pomahac Day Massacre 2/19/91 (Note: My local TV station screwed up during the final segment of the show,
they started the show, then quickly aired a 30 second commercial, then went back to the show already
in progress, then started to do it again with another commercial for a few seconds before someone fixed
the problem, so there’s about 30-40 seconds missing from the end of the show)
Gimme The Ball 3/5/91
Twisted Sister 3/5/91
Take This Job and Love It 3/12/91
Disc 3
Sign Of The Times 3/19/91
Habla Espanol 3/26/91
Mission: Improbable 4/2/91
SOAP 4/9/91
Disc 4
They're Writing Songs Of Love, But Nun For Me 12/30/91 First Show For CBS
A Father Makes All The Difference 1/1/92
Writing A Wrong(Gunny's Diary) 1/8/92
The Moment Of Youth 1/15/92
Disc 5
Love At First Sighting Part 1 1/22/92
Love At First Sighting Part 2 1/29/92
Gunny's Ex with guest star Audrey Meadows 2/5/92
Happy As A Clam 2/26/92
Disc 6
Someone To Watch Over Them 3/4/92
Bells, Bells, Bells (aka Gwen's Engagement) 3/11/92
Strike Down the Band(aka Budget Cuts) 3/18/92
Everybody Comes To Nick's 3/25/92
Disc 7
A Foggy Day On Puget Sound 4/8/92
Ferry Tale 4/22/92
Brother Can You Spare a Dime 5/6/92
The Girl with Someone Extra 5/13/92

DVDS will be shipped in white paper sleeves. No refunds, but will replace any defective DVDS

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