2012 Ambulance * EMS Rescue * Stretchers * Ferno Cots * Powerflexx+
USD 8,999

2012 Ambulance Cot & Stretcher SPECIAL * 832-569-2014 * Louis Bernhardt *
The finest tool ever designed for Ambulance * EMS * RESCUE uses. EMS Total Safety Solutions to prevent loading injuries to EMTs and PARAMEDICs. The Ferno Powerflexx+ (Registered Trademark)Stretcher is the latest in technonlgy for patient care. The Ferno Powerflexx+ gurney provides advanced power management and an in-the-fastener charging system to keep you powered on every call without having to carry around extra batteries or take them out to recharge. As soon as you lock the cot into the fastener, the Integrated Charging System (ICS) is activated and charges the battery. The ICS works when at the station on a shore line, or works with the on-board generator to keep the Ferno Powerflexx + cot charged. The cot has a 700 pound loaded weight of unassited lifting power. The cot does the lifting, not the EMS crew thereby reducing situations where a crew member may injury their back. The Ferno Powerflexx+ delivers superior stability and center of gravity with a wide wheel base, proper positioning of the motor and battery, and carefully engineered X-frame geometry. This stability reduces your chance of flipping or tipping the cot, which also reduces the chance of injury to the ambulance crew or the the patient. FREE ICS SYSTEM is included with your order! Regular price is $1700 but during this offer you will receive the charging ICS system free with each Ferno Powerflexx + you order.

MSRP: $9764.00 * OUR PRICE with Coupon:$8999.00* To receive a FREE DISCOUNT COUPON call or email Louis Bernhardt at below email or telephone * One coupon per order. Stretcher trade-ins accepted for most Ferno & Stryker stretchers. You can receive up to $750 trade in on most models when you purchase a new Ferno Powerflexx + Cot. You must ship or deliver to Ambulance & Safety Supply of Houston within 15 days after receipt of your new Ferno Powerflexx + Cot.

FREE SHIPPING to your door within the continental USA. When you choose Ambulance & Safety Supply of Houston as your cot provider you have selected over 30 years of experience in the EMS field. We also offer a complete line of FERNO Stretchers, Cots, and patient handeling systems and devices.

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USED FERNO SPECIAL: Emergency stretchers $345.00 with straps. Excellent for the second patient in an ambulance as the stretcher fits atop the squad bench. Also excellent for sporting events & school stretchers. READY to ship today! Serveral colors available,

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Ambulance & Safety Supply of Houston
Louis N. "TEX" Bernhardt, President
1423 W. Parkwood * Building 4-104 * Friendswood, Texas 77546
Telephone: 832-569-2014 * Cell Phone 281-857-2079

Loacted in Metro Houston, Texas

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