Apple iPod touch 8GB 4th Generation

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Apple iPod touch 8 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

App Store
Download apps directly to iPod touch.
Create an iTunes Store account and shop over Wi-Fi anytime.
Available as a free download, iBooks is an amazing eBook reader and a great place to buy books.
Edit video, add themes and music, and share your movies. Available in the App Store for just $4.99.
Send email and view attachments from your Gmail, MobileMe, or other email account.
Safari Web Browser
Visit your favorite websites. All you need is your iPod touch and Wi-Fi.
Take your photos with you. Share them in an email. Make your favorite your wallpaper.
Home Screen
Customize the arrangement of your apps across multiple Home screens in iTunes.
Voice Control
Control music playback on iPod touch using spoken commands.
Find restaurants, concert venues, or any place you need to go, and see how to get there with Maps.
Watch the latest viral video sensation and access your favorite videos.
Nike + iPod
Achieve your fitness goals with built-in Nike + iPod support on iPod touch.
Voice Memos
Record notes, random thoughts, a friend's impersonation, or any audio you want.
iPod touch comes with screen-reading technology and other accessibility features.

What's in the Box

8 GB iPod touch, earphones, dock connector to USB cable, and quick start guide.

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