Home for Rent in Rosarito (Campo Rene) - $450 per month

City / Town
San Diego
San Diego Area
San Ysidro
800 m2
per month
Campo Rene is located just minutes south of Downtown Rosarito. The camp has 24 hr. security and this home is about 3 blocks from the sandy beach. The majority of the owners/ renters are Americans, it is considered a very quiet and safe camp, very well kept. The home is approximately 850 sq. ft., furnished and the utilities are very low. Owner would prefer to rent long term, 6 months to a year. Electricity and gas is included plus $400 pesos in waterrnrnFor more information call 011.52.661.119.2775 Rosarito CellrnNEXTEL: 125*143*9076

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