I am a fit xx year old Australia man looking for a wealthy, non smoking fit American woman for a long term relationship. I say wealthy as I want the right woman to buy into my life for both our benefits. This is a genuine offer!!!!
For her investment the right woman will receive the following:- A lover, fulltime bodyguard, travel partner, business partner, a life in Australia if she wants and a house near the beach just north of Sydney. I'm serious about this.
I have never been married but have been engaged in the past. I have dated both American and Aussie woman and prefer Americans. I am an ex SWAT cop and have spent most of the past four years working for US Marines and British forces in Iraq.
I now wish to meet someone from the US for a long term, fun and adventureous life away from conflict. It's that simple.
If this offer sounds good to you why not contact me and we can exchange photos and take things from there.

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