Starbucks Barista Coffee Bean Grinder - New in Box - $21

Starbucks Barista Blade Grinder.

Model number TSK-9213SS

SKU# 171884

UPC 7-62111-61134-5

The Coffee Grinder is brand new, and has never been used.

This Coffee Grinder retails for $29.95 plus tax in the Starbucks Stores.

The features, copied from the side of the box, are as follows:

Steel Body Construction - stylish durability ensures years of enjoyment.

Stainless Steel Grinding Blade - delivers a consistent grind of whole bean coffee.

Sloped Bean Chamber - specially designed to allow the coffee beans to be ground evenly.

See-Through Lid - lets you monitor proper grind size. Deep sides let you catch and carry the freshly ground coffee to your coffeemaker or coffee press.

Safety Switch - grinding action will not begin until lid is secure.

Compact Size - fits neatly on most countertops.

2-Year Limited Warranty

More info visit:

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