2006 Custom Chopperr For Sale on One Stop Motors
USD 9,995

2006 Custom Built Chopper
This is a 2006 custom built chopper. I am the original owner and builder of this bike. There are only 750 miles on this bike. It was built will all new parts. very custom.

The Frame: The frame is stretched 2 1/2 inches on the back bone and 4 inches on the down tubes. The frame is raked at 34 degrees. The bike has billet aluminum triple trees with 6 degrees of rake in them. The triple trees give the bike a total rake of 40 degrees with no wheel flop. It makes the bike look good, and still easy to ride. The frame has a swing are with shocks similar to a soft tail. Also, the frame has provisions to mount passenger pegs.

The Motor: The bike has a 120 inch Ultima motor works engine. The motor is natural finish. The motor has forged pistons with 9.8:1 compression. Also, the motor has compression releases to make starting the motor very easy. The bore is 4.250 and the stroke is 4.250 Ultima specs say the motor will produce 135 HP and 130 lbs of torque. I believe the bike will need to be dyno-tuned to get those numbers. I am sill breaking in the motor, so I have not dyno-tunned it yet. The motor is using an S&S super G carburetor. The Ignition is the Crane HI-4 electronic Ignition system. The bike has 2 into 2 short straight pipes that will let people know you are coming. They are loud, but sound really good.

The Drive Train: The primary chain is an enclosed wet clutch system. In the primary is a BDL nine spring clutch. The bike has a Bull Shift five speed transmission. The transmission is left side drive. The bike is chain driven to the rear wheel.

The Wheels: The front and rear wheels are custom billet aluminum. The front wheel is 21 inches. The rear wheel is 8.5 by 18 with a 250 wide tire on it. Both wheels are using Avon venom tires.

Electronics: The bike is using a Dakota Digital Speedometer. It includes speedometer, tachometer, red line indicator, odometer, trip odometer, low oil pressure indicator, turn indicators, neutral indicator, and a high beam indicator. Also the bike is using the Illuminator Pro module. This allows the bike to have self canceling turn signals. Also the rear lights have run, brake, and turn functions. The bike is using the Crane Cams HI-4 ignition system. Crane Cams coil.

Paint: The paint is called Emerald City. The paint has a blue flop with a lot of metal flake in it. When you walk around the bike you will see dark green straight on, and a hint of dark blue on the edges going away from you. You won't have to worry about seeing the same paint job on another bike.

Other Stuff: The bike has a Headwinds head light. It has drag bars with 6 inch straight raisers. Steel braided brake lines, and clutch cable. Four piston brake calipers. Steel fenders and gas tank. The gas tank is a one piece stretch tank with a flush pop up gas cap. Also the tank has a Pingel high flow fuel valve. The bike has a custom made solo seat on it. Six degree triple trees with hidden fork stops. Billet aluminum forward controls.

Vehicle located in Henderson, NV Ad# 18381


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