Townhouse in SJ, CA for Rent
USD 1,250 per month

800 m2
per month
townhouse 1 phong o Monterey/Southside Rd (San Jose, CA) cho thue. Khu rat an toan, co security gate Nha dep, phong ngu va bep rong, rat sach se. co may giat, say, tu lanh. Free nuoc. rac. cable. Available now! Goi so (408)931-3269 or (408) 218-7541 de coi nha. Thank you

Townhouse 1 bed at monterey/Southside Rd (San Jose, CA)for rent. Safe area with security gate. Beautiful, clean house with big bedroom and big kitchen, include washer, dryer, refrigeraror. Free water, garbage, cable. Availble now! Call (408) 931-3269 or (408) 218-7541 to view the house. Thank you

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