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I am a CNA and have 5 yrs. of experiance and skills. I work in long term care facilities, and can only do the night shifts starting after 8:oopm because I have kids and need to be home in the mornings to see them off to school. I also need to be home through the day to assist with homework and things like that. So, this is why I only work nights. I will accept a job in a nursing home if presented to me, but I am really looking to try something new and provide great care to someone who needs it at home. I live in Griffith, Indiana, but will go to Chicago for work, but only on the south side because I am less likely to get lost. If there is someone who needs help in surburban areas, I will also go to Riverdale. Nothing is too much for me. I am able to lift, do house keeping, give baths, dress, groom, change and apply adult diapers, etc. To anyone who might be interested in inviting me into their home to provide my great sevice, and if it's important, I am 31 years old and African American. I am friendly, honest, and do my best at everything. I can work full time, weekends too, but would like to have every other weekend off to spend with family, or I can work two weekends in a row, off one weekend, in that pattern if it is more convient for you. I look to be paid in the amount of at least $ 10/hr.-paid weekly or every two weeks. If anyone is interested, I am still employed, so please allow one week after work proposal and acceptance to allow me to give my current place of work proper and timely notice.

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