I am a single woman looking for a single man

Hi there!

I tried this before, but was vague about what I was looking for. I've learned my lesson. Please read all content before replying. If you do not fit the general criteria I am looking for in a gentleman, please do not waste my time nor yours.

I am looking for a single man who is a non-smoker, non-pervert, honest, thoughtful, employed, clean, between the ages of xx-xx, 5'8" or taller. Race doesn't matter.

I am a single woman, non-smoker, loves to laugh, loves dogs, honest, thoughtful, educated, employed in the legal profession, african american, 5'7", weigh around xxx lbs and have a winning smile!

Please do not send me your picture, all that will do is discourage me from meeting with you. I would prefer to connect a visual of a persons character with their image all at the same time when I meet them for the first time.

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