Credit Card Dumps + Pin number for instant cash

Credit Card Dumps + Pin number for instant cash out.
CC tracks with pin (dumps with pin) track 2 and pin for ATM cash out.
All dumps (tracks) and pin number are skimmed on different location with and POS terminal interface (POS terminals) and ATM`s with pin-pad.

Visa, master, amex, diners (chip and non chip, 041, 050, 060, 070, 061, 101, 121, 126, 201, 226...)
All with track 2 and pin number

We have been watching this site for quite a while and have seen there are more ripper on the marked than legit sellers, without accusing someone.
Up till today we only sold thru friends and known people who past us on to new customers.
Everybody fell free to buy from us, we guarantee absolute discretion but we have our rules and nobody gets a different deal!
We do not sell less than 10 Dumps at a time and we are only accepting payment by W/U, no test’s, chart and discounts what so ever, we don’t care if you buy 10 or 50 dumps a time.
We are well aware that a lot of rippers are asking for a BIN list and than using it for they fake commercials on the web that’s why we don’t sent a BIN list for first time buyers, once you are a client you get every week a complete update from our list.

If you wonder why sell tracks and pin numbers, try to cash 200 a day??!!
For newcomers in the business we can sent the finished plastics for 50 U$ on top.

We are not new in this business but new on this site and we know that it takes less than a minute that somebody can publish a good or bad feedback on someone, including us.
So try our quality and service than take it from there.
We speak english, german and spanish.

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