LAND Acquisition Specialist

LAND Acquisition Specialist

Do you enjoy a treasure hunt? Do you have at least a
few hours during the normal business day to devote to
this task? If you said yes, the payoff can be huge. You could
retire after just a one or two acquisitions. We are looking for the hidden gems in vacant land for development. This can all be done from your home computer and telephone. You must have experience in real estate investing or brokerage; preferably in commercial or land.

We will train you how to identify, screen and submit only the best properties.

Earnings can range from $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more per property, depending on projected profit. You will need to be available during at least part of the day to network with the commercial/land brokers who have these properties listed for sale.

Please reply to this job posting. You will be invited to attend a teleconference designed to give you all of the details of how to take advantage of this exciting and rewarding opportunity.

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