Rake, Box Blade for Garden Tractor, Riding Mower or ATV - $275
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The Rake n' Grade makes possible with a lawn tractor, what only heavy duty machines could do in the past. The heavy duty construction of this versatile rake and box blade, has 4-positions total in order to grade, rake and grade or just roll away easily when the job is done. There is no need for any other tool and in just a few seconds, you can quickly adjust it's position in order to adapt it to any given purpose.

Some of the uses for this MUST HAVE tool include:

* Cut perfect 5"or 10" garden rows while pulling a seed spreader behind it.

* Grade your dirt road, or coquina driveway to perfection without leaving behind lines.

* Rake your horse pen with ease in just a few minutes making it possible to enjoy a safe soft ride.

* Rake away the manure in your paddocks quickly and easily without the use of heavy machinery.

There is nothing like it in the market! Get yours Today! For a short demonstration video on how this rake works, click on the following link:


Condition: New

Condition: New

Brand : Rake n' Grade Lawn Mower Type : 48" RIDING MOWER LAWN TRACTORS
Model : Rake n' Grade Part : Box Blade
Garden Tractor Rake : riding lawn mower rake, landscape rake, ATV Rake Box Blade : Tractor Attachment, horse arena groomer rake
Riding Mower Rake : Garden Tractor, ATV Box Blade Riding mower Attachment : Garden Tractor Box blade
Box blade attachment : Rake for riding lawn mower horse pen groomer : little league field rake groomer

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