Three Quarter Homes or Three 3/4 Houses In Michigan

Get Sober - Stay Sober - Help Others - Do Good - Be Happy !!!!!

$425-$480 [ subject to opening]

Visit or call 734-846-0966 for information on subsidized furnished sober housing services offered by Structured Living LLC., thru eight gender specific locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Moderate to strict monitoring thru random drug tests, “Zero” tolerance court friendly rules, implemented by resident house manager(s) under a supervisor. A "giveback" project financed and managed by a grateful recovering alcoholic.
Housing clients from drug rehabs nationwide, including:
Betty Ford Center, Rancho, CA.
Brighton Hospital, Brighton MI.
Caron Addiction Center, Warensville, PA
Cleveland Clinic, OH
Dawn Farm, Ann Arbor MI
Havenwyck Hospital, Auburn Hills, MI
Hazelden, Center City MN.
La Hacienda Treatment Center, Hunt, TX
Maple Grove, West Bloomfield, MI
Sacred Heart Memphis MI
The Ranch, Nunnelly, TN
The Retreat, Wayzata, MN

A healthy viable sentencing option for DUI , DWI and Soberiety Courts..Our services qualify for a Halfway House, Three Quarters House, Sober Home, Recovery Home and Transition Living or Aftercare Housing.

Local reputable Therapy, Counseling, IOP services available. Most of our residents qualify for a "bridge card" from the State for free groceries.

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