homeland security jobs - full time career positions

<h4>$18.37 to $42.26/hour plus full benefits including medical and dental benefits, now hiring. <br /><br />many different positions available.&nbsp; full time employment including paid training. <br /><br />for application and government job information, call american labor (913) 599-8254, 24 hours employment service.<br /><br /><br /><br />call 24 hours a day to get information on all of the government career opportunities available<br /><br />(913) 599-8254</h4><b><br /><br />description:</b><br />the u.s. homeland security department is currently hiring in your area. there are many different positions available. the job openings are full time positions with full benefits. paid training is provided for all of these positions. the job openings range in salary from $38,200 to $87,900 per year, plus benefits. benefits include paid vacation, paid sick leave, health insurance &amp; retirement benefits. you must be 18 years of age or older and a u.s. citizen.<br /><br />the homeland security department has many agencies that operate in locations all across the nation. this department is one of the fastest growing departments within the government, in terms of employees. the homeland security department currently has over 230,000 employees nationwide. there are many employment opportunities with the homeland security department from entry level to management. certain career fields exist in most or all of its agencies. these fields are usually administrative, office and clerical in nature, such as accountant, administrative assistant, auditor, clerk, typist, legal assistant, staff assistant, secretary, etc. other career fields are also very common in most agencies and these are generally law enforcement or security in nature, such as safety officer, security officer, uniformed officer, police officer, etc. to allow a better understanding of the homeland security department, the following list will give a brief description of some of the divisions that make up the homeland security department and then list some of the career fields within that division. <br /><br /><i><b>transportation security administration</b></i> &ndash; this division protects the nation&rsquo;s transportation systems. this would include roadways &amp; airports. some of the career fields within this agency include airport screener, transportation security officer (tso), transportation security inspector, air marshal, information technology, intelligence operations, management advisor, physical security, program analyst, program assistant, financial specialist, customer service and quality improvement and many others.<br /><br /><i><b>federal emergency management association </b></i>&ndash; this division prepares the nation for hazards, manages federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. some of the career fields within this agency include administrative specialist, community planning coordinator, contract specialist, information officer, facilities operations, federal coordinating officer, food service &amp; security program coordinator, grants coordinator, hazard mitigation assistant, health physicist, civil engineer, law enforcement specialist, information control, workforce assistant, office automation assistant, program specialist, public affairs specialist, purchasing agent, human resource specialist, hazard program specialist, training specialist and many others.<br /><br /><i><b> immigration and customs enforcement </b></i>&ndash; this division is the largest investigative arm of the department and it is responsible for identifying and solving issues in the nation&rsquo;s border, economic and transportation systems including air and roadways. some of the career fields within this agency include architect, bond control, criminal research, detention &amp; removal assistant, financial analyst, procurement analyst, social science coordinator, space management assistant, special assistant, criminal investigator and many others.<br /><br /><i><b> citizenship and immigration services </b></i>&ndash; this division is responsible for administration of immigration and naturalization services. some of the career fields within this agency include operation support assistant, policy analyst, supervisory officer, management &amp; program analyst and many others.<br /><br /><i><b>secret service </b></i>&ndash; this division protects the president and other high level officials and investigates counterfeiting &amp; other crimes. some of the career fields within this agency include criminal investigator, security officer, security driver and many others.<br /><br /><i><b> coast guard </b></i>&ndash; this division protects the public, the environment and other u.s. economic interests. some of the career fields within this agency include awards program specialist, helicopter pilot, airplane pilot, clinical nurse, education services assistant, environmental protection assistant, health and physical education instructor, equipment mechanic, logistics management specialist, marine inspector &amp; investigator, medical officer, motor vehicle operator, preparedness specialist, recreational assistant and many others.<br /><br /><i><b>customs and border protection </b></i>&ndash; this division is responsible for protecting the nation&rsquo;s borders and preventing illegal trade and travel throughout the nation&rsquo;s highways and airways. some of the career fields within this agency include automotive mechanic, border patrol agent, enforcement specialist, equipment operations, general engineering, human resources, instructional systems, intelligence assistant, international trade specialist, investigative program specialist, equipment maintenance, management &amp; program analyst, materials handler, mission support assistant, paralegal specialist, procurement technician, program manager, realty specialist, sector enforcement specialist, statistician, telecommunications specialist, training technician and many others. american labor is a private employment service that offers assistance in gaining employment and is not affiliated with the u.s. homeland security department.<br /><br /><br type="_moz" />