transcriptionist - radiology - diagnostic imaging admin

&nbsp;&nbsp;<span >complete description</span><br /> <p > <p ><strong >position summary</strong> </p> <p >this position is responsible for the transcribing of dictated physicians reports. this position has some exposure to communicable disease and body fluids. this position spends the majority of time sitting, performing repetitive actions (up to 80% of work time) and walking short distances (up to 20% of work time). frequent lifting, pushing/pulling and carrying of up to 40 lb. is required (up to 20% of work time).</p> <p ><strong >specific educational and skill competencies required</strong></p> <p >requires good communication skills and the ability to operate standard office equipment as usually demonstrated by completion of high school studies. good working knowledge of computer transcription systems, as generally associated with one year of medical transcription experience and/or training, is required. ability to accurately and consistently transcribe a minimum of 750 lines per day.</p> <p ></p><br /> <p ></p><br /> <br /> <br /><br /><b><a target="_blank" href="" id="$job_id$" name="$job_title$" onclick="return trackclick(,;"><img name="img01" src="/images/buttons/apply.jpg" border="0"></a></b>