medical assistant ii (senior) - eureka springs family clinic - clinic - wr

&nbsp;&nbsp;<span >complete description</span><br /> <p > <p ><strong >position summary</strong> </p> <p >this position must be able to take vital signs, weigh patients and collect specimens (via blood draws &amp; handling non-blood sample collections), and assist physician as needed. this position will be responsible for making referral appointments, preauthorizing procedures and medications, copying medical records as needed for continuity of care, etc. this position will also perform clerical coordinator duties (such as but not limited to: checking patient in &amp; out, collecting necessary patient payments, billing questions, receptionist duties, scheduling appointments, taking messages &amp; referring calls appropriately and obtaining correct information from patients.) this position works under the direction of the physician and clinic manager and will report directly to the clinic manager. this position has exposure to communicable disease and body fluids. this position spends the majority of time standing (up to 60% of work time) with frequent walking of short distances (up to 20% of work time.) this position must have effective communication with patients, co-workers, manager and physician. this position must be able to prioritize clinic needs to be flexible to assist in other areas as need. </p> <p ><strong >licenses/certifications required</strong> </p> <p >medical assistant certification</p> <p ><strong >specific educational and skill competencies required</strong> </p> <p >the ability to provide direct patient care as usually demonstrated by completion of high school studies and after proper training. this position must have effective communication skills with patients, co-workers, supervisor and physicians. this person must be flexible and willing to assist in all areas as requested and be able to prioritize clinic/patient needs. must have ability to operate standard office equipment. ability to learn computer skills for position is essential. familiarity with medical terminology is important. may perform duties allowed by the arkansas medical board with direct physician oversight for example injections of specified medications and other duties as allowed.</p> <p ></p> <p ></p><br /> <p ></p><br /> <br /> <br /><br /><b><a target="_blank" href="" id="$job_id$" name="$job_title$" onclick="return trackclick(,;"><img name="img01" src="/images/buttons/apply.jpg" border="0"></a></b>