Business Process Analyst 3

View Job Requisition - Business Process Analyst 3Requisition Number: 11-1019090Job Status: Activated - Posting Type: Posted Internally and Externally. - Posting Status: AvailableLocation Mesa, AZ Virtual Office/Telecommute?(Things you should know about Virtual Office) Virtual Work Not Available Shift First Business Unit Defense, Space&Security Division Boeing Military Aircraft Program Operating Executive Occupation Title Business Support Services Skills Management Title Business Process Analysis Job Classification UAHXP3 Job Type Non-Management Experience Level Career/Experienced Exemption Status Exempt Union No Security Clearance Required?(Security Clearance definitions) No Security Clearance Required Work Eligibility Required? Yes US Person Status Required? Yes Export Control Required? Yes Relocation Money Available?(Things you should know about relocation benefits) No Date Posted 09/14/2011 Closing Date(Things you should know about closing dates) 09/21/2011 Position Description Position will report to the Mesa Division 8 Core Support Senior Manager and duties will support both Mesa Division 8 Production Engineering & Materials Support (PE&MS) and Mesa Materials Management (M3) activities.Forms, leads, or facilitates cross-functional teams across multiple business processes ensuring full integration with Perform Materials Management processes and other Mesa Site Enterprise Value Stream Process Management process groups as needed. Collects, analyzes and documents requirements from first line/senior managers (functional process owners) for the work activities that these managers develop, perform and oversee. Initiates documentation activities, edits user source content and finalizes documentation and formal writings that will be published in enterprise-wide document repositories. Uses a variety of enterprise and locally developed applications/systems and business productivity software applications to perform job duties. Assists in local and enterprise efforts to identify opportunities to eliminate, consolidate, improve and/or simplify processes and process documents. Develops solutions to a variety of complex problems referring to established precedents and policies. Will need to rapidly learn, understand and apply job practices, techniques, standards, principles, and concepts. Receives general direction for work that is reviewed upon completion for adequacy in meeting objectives. Participates in determining objectives of assignment; plans, schedules, and normally arranges own activities to accomplish those objectives.Serves as internal consultant to first line/senior managers and task performers with regard to process development, documentation and record information management issues. Manages and administrates process self-reviews for all documented work activities performed by Mesa Materials Management. Contributes to the completion of various specific program activities, projects and implementation activities. Actively participates in Division 8 Core Support Employee Involvement Team. Participates in various meetings and WebEx events.May be involved in metric creation/updates, assisting in local application development, representing Mesa Materials Management on enterprise process action team sub-committees. Performs any and all other related activities as assigned supporting Mesa Division 8 and Mesa Materials Management.Competencies General[ + ] AdaptabilityUnderstands changes in own and others\' work and situations; may be asked to explain the logic or basis for change to less experienced employees; actively seeks information about changes affecting own and fellow employees\' jobs. Treats changes and new situations as opportunities for learning or growth; focuses on the beneficial aspects of change; speaks positively about the change to fellow interorganizational employees and occasionally to external customers. Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment; readily tries new approaches appropriate for new or changed situations; does not persist with ineffective behaviors.[ + ] CommunicationClarifies purpose and importance; stresses major points; follows a logical sequence. Keeps the audience engaged through use of techniques such as analogies, illustrations, humor, an appealing style, body language, and voice inflection. Frames the message in line with audience experience, background, and expectations; uses terms, examples, and analogies that are meaningful to the audience. Seeks input from audience; checks understanding; presents message in different ways to enhance understanding. Uses syntax, pace, volume, diction, and mechanics appropriate to the media being used. Accurately interprets messages from others and responds appropriately.[ + ] Continuous ImprovementConsistently reviews a wide range of processes to identify gaps between requirements and current outputs within own work group, other work groups, and occasionally external customers. Consistently identifies potential conditions that contribute to gaps or key variances; fully explores relationships between conditions and effects; distinguishes causes from symptoms and identifies primary causes. Independently generates ideas for solutions; fully analyzes the effect or impact of each solution; selects appropriate solutions. Consistently tests solutions; gathers feedback from own work group, other work groups, and occasionally external customers on effectiveness; reviews impact on baseline measures; modifies solutions as appropriate to ensure effectiveness.[ + ] Customer FocusMakes customers and their needs a primary focus of one\'s actions; develops and sustains productive customer relationships; uses information to understand customers\' circumstances, problems, expectations, and needs; periodically becomes involved in sharing information with customers to build their understanding of issues and capabilities; considers how actions or plans will affect customers; responds quickly to meet customer needs and resolve problems; assists higher graded employees and/or project team leaders in implementing ways to monitor and evaluate customer concerns, issues, and satisfaction and to anticipate customer needs.[ + ] Systems ThinkingEvaluates job tasks and processes on how well they help meet team objective(s); identifies non-value-adding components and barriers. Formulates change strategies; seeks input from others to evaluate options for change and encourage buy-in. Makes appropriate changes to job/role structures and processes by communicating effectively and focusing on new skill development. Uses accurate measurement systems to monitor the implementation.Technical[ + ] Analytical SkillsSkill and ability to: collect, organize, synthesize, and analyze data; summarize findings; develop conclusions and recommendations from appropriate data sources at the department level.[ + ] Business Process ModelingComplete knowledge of business process modeling, tools, techniques, and languages (e.g., Unified Modeling Language, METIS, Websphere, and Rational Rose).[ + ] Presentation Skills/TechniquesComplete knowledge of and ability to employ presentation techniques (e.g., posture, speaker\'s relationship to audience, use of intonation and props, use of visual aids and pacing).[ + ] Process Management SkillsComplete ability to determine the process to be used to accomplish goals, properly document processes, know how to organize people and activities, understand how to separate and combine tasks into efficient workflow, identify opportunities for synergy and integration, and simplify complex processes.[ + ] Project LeadershipComplete ability to accept, direct, and perform responsibilities and work assigned tasks as a project team member in support of the overall project. Complete ability to lead and direct the activities and resources of assigned projects and support higher graded employees in large scale and complex projects.Basic Qualifications For Consideration Do you have work experience using Microsoft Office Products (i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint)?Do you have experience analyzing Microsoft Excel files and Excel-based charts?Do you have experience with process/procedure documentation and records information management requirements?Are you willing to work directly with first line/senior managers and their delegates in process mapping, documenting procedures and developing job performance support tools?Do you meet the criteria described in the Typical Education / Experience\' section of this requisition?Typical Education/Experience Bachelor\'s and typically 6 or more years\' related work experience, a Master\'s degree and typically 4 or more years\' related work experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Other Job related information *** Please note that depending on the specific position, you may be required to pass additional medical tests, credit checks, and/or other requirements. These additional items are required for the Company to comply with various laws and regulatory rules.***Every job requisition has specific and unique requirements listed under \'Description\', \'Competencies\', and \'Education\'. Applicants will increase their opportunities for consideration by demonstrating compatibility with these requirements in their resumes.The job specifications - including competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics), job-relevant work experience, education, and other requirements described in this requisition - will be the basis for applicant screening, including resume reviews, structured interviews and any other assessments used to support the hiring decision. All candidates considered for this position may be required to participate in a structured interview. The structured interview is a standardized method of evaluating candidates\' job-related competencies to support an objective selection and promotion process.