Manufacturing Operations Analyst 1

View Job Requisition - Manufacturing Operations Analyst 1Requisition Number: 11-1019214Job Status: Activated - Posting Type: Posted Internally and Externally. - Posting Status: AvailableLocation North Charleston, SC Virtual Office/Telecommute?(Things you should know about Virtual Office) Virtual Work Not Available Shift Business Unit Commercial Airplanes Division Bca Supply Chain Mgt & Ops Program Charleston Site Occupation Title Manufacturing Skills Management Title Assembly Advisement Job Classification DALPN1 Job Type Non-Management Experience Level Entry Exemption Status Nonexempt Union No Security Clearance Required?(Security Clearance definitions) No Security Clearance Required Work Eligibility Required? Yes US Person Status Required? Yes Export Control Required? Yes Relocation Money Available?(Things you should know about relocation benefits) No Date Posted 09/12/2011 Closing Date(Things you should know about closing dates) 09/26/2011 Position Description Assist with activities across limited functions to resolve emergent issues in support of specific operations. Assists with assessments of processes and practices for comparison to applicable standards and criteria. Provides limited feedback on assessment results. Assist the organization to implement strategies and plans. Works under close supervision.Competencies General[ + ] AdaptabilityTries to understand changes in work-group tasks, situations, and the department as well as the logic or basis for change; occasionally seeks information about changes affecting their individual job. Treats changes and new situations as opportunities for learning or growth; focuses on the beneficial aspects of change; speaks positively about the change to fellow work group members. Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment; readily tries new approaches appropriate for new or changed situations; does not persist with ineffective behaviors.[ + ] CollaborationMakes an effort to work effectively and cooperatively with fellow work group members; establishes and maintains productive working relationships by involving other work group members as appropriate and thanking them for their assistance. Places higher priority on work group goals rather than on own goals; offers to help other employees when they need assistance.[ + ] Continuous ImprovementWith guidance from others, reviews routine processes to identify gaps between requirements and current outputs within own work group. Generally identifies potential conditions that contribute to gaps or key variances; tries to explore relationships between conditions and effects; distinguishes causes from symptoms and identifies causes. Occasionally generates basic ideas for solutions; analyzes the effect or impact of each solution on own work group; selects appropriate solutions. Generally tests solutions; gathers feedback on effectiveness; reviews impact on baseline measures; modifies solutions as appropriate to ensure effectiveness.[ + ] Initiating ActionSeeks advice from direct supervisor when confronted with a non-routine problem or when made aware of a situation in own work area. Occasionally assists in implementing new ideas or potential solutions without prompting; does not wait for others to take action or to request action. Volunteers to take action that goes beyond job requirements in order to achieve work group objectives.[ + ] Systems ThinkingGains understanding of job tasks and processes and how they contribute to meeting work group objective(s). Identifies non-value-adding tasks and alerts more experienced employees for possible improvements. Participates in changes to job/role structures and processes as directed by supervisor.Technical[ + ] Lean KnowledgeBasic knowledge of Lean principles, processes and tools (i. e. Continuous Flow, Accelerated Improvement Workshop, Value Stream Analysis, Takt Time, etc.). Basic knowledge of how to apply principles, processes and tools to various work environments to enable implementation of enterprise wide Boeing Production System (Toyota Production System).[ + ] Operational ProcessesBasic knowledge of the responsibilities and tasks performed by Operations departments and/or disciplines.Basic Qualifications For Consideration Do you have previous work experience in a manufacturing/assembly environment?Are you willing to work on 2nd or 3rd shift if assigned to do so?Typical Education/Experience Bachelor\'s degree. Other Job related information A Bachelor\'s degree is preferred, though not required. Familiarization with Boeing Velocity and COGNOS systems is desired. Applicant will be expected to utilize strong communication skills in order to coordinate manufacturing support throughout the facility. All employees will be on the Boeing Charleston benefit structure. All Boeing Commercial Airplane Charleston positions will require an online pre-employment assessment test. Candidates selected for the test will be notified via e-mail. *** Please note that depending on the specific position, you may be required to pass additional medical tests, credit checks, and/or other requirements. These additional items are required for the Company to comply with various laws and regulatory rules.***Every job requisition has specific and unique requirements listed under \'Description\', \'Competencies\', and \'Education\'. Applicants will increase their opportunities for consideration by demonstrating compatibility with these requirements in their resumes.The job specifications - including competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics), job-relevant work experience, education, and other requirements described in this requisition - will be the basis for applicant screening, including resume reviews, structured interviews and any other assessments used to support the hiring decision. All candidates considered for this position may be required to participate in a structured interview. The structured interview is a standardized method of evaluating candidates\' job-related competencies to support an objective selection and promotion process.