Integral Fuel Cell Manuf Techn

View Job Requisition - Integral Fuel Cell Manuf TechnRequisition Number: 11-1013769Job Status: Activated - Posting Type: Posted Internally and Externally. - Posting Status: AvailableLocation Everett, WA;Renton, WA Virtual Office/Telecommute?(Things you should know about Virtual Office) Virtual Work Not Available Shift Business Unit Commercial Airplanes Division Bca Airplane Programs Program 787 Program Occupation Title Skills Management Title Job Classification 31206 Job Type Hourly Experience Level Entry Exemption Status Nonexempt Union Yes Security Clearance Required?(Security Clearance definitions) No Security Clearance Required Work Eligibility Required? Yes US Person Status Required? Yes Export Control Required? Yes Relocation Money Available?(Things you should know about relocation benefits) Yes Date Posted 09/12/2011 Closing Date(Things you should know about closing dates) 09/19/2011 Position Description Mechanics in this position connect, assemble, seal and integrate systems, sections and components of composite/metal aircraft. These employees will perform the various procedures to accomplish fuselage and wing joining. Position will require working in confined spaces of the wing fuel cells and crawling through an opening 17.75\" X 10.00\" in order to get inside the fuel cell. The tasks may include electrical and mechanical assembly. Candidates for this position must be qualified to wear a respirator and meet visual acuity and color perception requirements. Employment in this position also requires lifting up to 35 lbs. Frequent reaching, handling, turning/twisting, lifting/lowering, stooping, kneeling, crouching, squatting and crawling. Work from high/exposed places and from ladders for extended periods of time. Work in confined spaces. Exposure to aluminum, titanium, steel, magnesium, exotic alloys, plastics, composites and hazardous materials. Requires the use of personal safety gear for face, eyes, hand/arm and ears. Additional Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities: Fit, assemble, install and verify sub-assemblies of various aircraft systems. Use electronic devices to retrieve work instructions. Set up and perform verification using bench test or automatic test equipment. Select proper hand, power and bench tools needed to perform required operation. Work with precision alignment equipment. Load and/or unload aircraft sections utilizing shop equipment. Operate mechanical lifts of various types to locate parts/assemblies into position or to perform assembly work. Work on scaffolding and use calibrated tools. Locate tools and/or parts on airplane using tooling holes, pilot holes, K holes or by hand. Align parts and secure in place using clecos or tooling/hand clamps. Check for proper edge margins and alignment. Perform wire forming and soldering and obtain and apply decals, stencils and placards. Set up assembly tools. Select drill bits, reamers and or countersinking tools for pilot and full size holes. Drill, ream countersinking precision full size holes in metal and composite parts/assemblies using drill motors. Disassemble parts and deburr holes using chip chasers, deburring tools and files to prepare for installation of fasteners. Use solvents to clean surfaces prior to sealing or assembly. Apply sealant, alodine, primer, adhesives, and special finishes. Perform rework, make functional checks and verify work.Competencies Attention to detail; ensure all paperwork and computer data have been completed accurately.Competencies Determine if own work is complete and correct as specified by instructions, drawings and specifications.Competencies Effectively communicate verbal information such as tie-ins and job related information.Competencies Effectively communicate written information such as tie-ins, reports and/or required documentation. Maintain and update records.Competencies Follow oral/written instructions provided by the lead, team leader, supervisor and/or engineering.Competencies Knowledge of proper sealing techniques and correct cleaning procedures and solvents.Competencies Knowledge of proper use, handling and disposal of hazardous materials per government regulations and Boeing procedures.Competencies Knowledge of routing, clamping, tying, connecting and terminating wires and/or wire bundles in electrical systems and assemblies.Competencies Knowledge of safe working practices, emergency procedures and possible dangerous situations.Competencies Knowledge of the coordinate system to identify multiple axes (e.g., X,Y,Z) and airplane dimensional references (e.g., buttock, water and station lines).Competencies Mechanical ability, manual dexterity, and hand/eye coordination required to perform various projects, per engineering definition and verbal or written instructions.Competencies Operate and/or program Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).Competencies Operate computing equipment to access job information (e.g., drawings, specifications and other online information systems).Competencies Operate computing equipment to perform job tasks (e.g., upload/download programs, create/edit CNC or PLC programs).Competencies Operate mechanical lifts of various types (e.g., scissor lifts, elevated work platforms) in a safe manner.Competencies Operate various types of test equipment.Competencies Organize work efficiently.Competencies Read and interpret engineering definitions. Capable of visualizing a three-dimensional shape from a two-dimensional view, converting left-hand to right-hand views and understanding symbols, flag notes, general notes and geometric dimensions and tolerances.Competencies Set-up and operate aircraft jacking equipment including body and wing jack pads and jacks to facilitate assembly, maintenance and repair work.Competencies Understand the application of technical documents/information such as BAC specifications, manufacturing plans and safety information.Competencies Understanding of assembly and manufacturing processes and terminology such as overall part/assembly flows, process steps and various types of aircraft/aerospace parts, components and assemblies.Competencies Use math that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and fractions.Competencies Use various types of floor-mounted power tools (e.g. bandsaw, grinder, drill press, disk sander).Competencies Use various types of hand tools and/or hand-held power tools.Competencies Use various types of precision measuring tools.Competencies Work alone/independently. Coordinate daily tasks with others to align priorities for smooth operation of joint workloads.Competencies Work with others as part of a team which includes giving and receiving feedback, assisting others in completion of tasks; possess interpersonal, listening, and participation skills.Basic Qualifications For Consideration . Are you willing to work within very confined oddly shaped spaces for extended periods of time?Can you enter confined spaces utilizing existing access hole with dimensions of 11x17 inches?Do you have formal training/certification or a minimum of 6 months experience using various types of hand tools and/or hand-held power tools? (Examples: drills, routers, saws, wrenches, hammers, torque wrenches). Do you have experience reading and interpreting assembly instructions or drawings?Typical Education/Experience High school graduate or GED preferred. Other Job related information This is an hourly position governed by the IAM Collective Bargaining agreement.Position will require working in confined spaces of the wing fuel cells and crawling through an opening 17.75\" X 10.00\".Current Boeing employees outside the Puget Sound, Wichita and Portland must apply via BESS posting system to be considered.Any resumes of current Boeing employees in Puget Sound submitted via BESS will not be considered, as these employees must submit an Employee Request Transfer (ERT) to be in the eligible candidate pool. *** Please note that depending on the specific position, you may be required to pass additional medical tests, credit checks, and/or other requirements. These additional items are required for the Company to comply with various laws and regulatory rules.***Every job requisition has specific and unique requirements listed under \'Description\', \'Competencies\', and \'Education\'. Applicants will increase their opportunities for consideration by demonstrating compatibility with these requirements in their resumes.The job specifications - including competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics), job-relevant work experience, education, and other requirements described in this requisition - will be the basis for applicant screening, including resume reviews, structured interviews and any other assessments used to support the hiring decision. All candidates considered for this position may be required to participate in a structured interview. The structured interview is a standardized method of evaluating candidates\' job-related competencies to support an objective selection and promotion process.
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