mechanical design engineer – component and chassis

<b>job description:</b><br />develop and design concept drawings with respective supporting engineering drawings plus technical information for current production of large off road vehicles and construction type equipment including dump trucks, and loaders. you will be interfacing with several engineering and product groups involving technical information exchange; visiting and interfacing with suppliers involving technical design and exchange. in house you will work closely with manufacturing, marketing, sales, parts, and service along with product distributors. provide leadership for up to 3 subordinate engineers.<br /><ul> <li>utilize cad (pro e) and other programs like pro/cable, pro/piping programs to develop project plan and to develop design concept drawing, complete assembly drawing, complete component drawing, and complete system drawing for respective vehicle chassis, and/or component, and/or system plus bom and supporting technical information. development to meet design compliance to engineering standards, product quality, and product cost. currently utilizing proe but any one with 3d design ability is of interest.</li> <li>initiate and monitor appropriate product testing programs, both in-plant and in the field.</li> <li>provide technical leadership in completing assignments and projects. demonstrate a high degree of creativity and mature judgment in anticipating and solving non-reoccurring, unprecedented problems.</li> <li>apply a comprehensive, intensive, practical knowledge of the field experience to the development of new methods, approaches, or procedures with cost effectiveness as a key issue.</li> <li>assume project responsibility on assignments by providing planning, technical guidance, and coordination with inside and outside functions, as required to complete the assignment to plan and schedule.</li></ul><b>desired skills</b><ul> <li>bs degree in engineering (electrical, mechanical, agricultural or general) and 2-10 years experience in the design of heavy equipment, trucks trailers and off road product.</li> <li>this position is directed to engine and drive train design and optimization including cooling, fuel economy, and performance for heavy equipment; so any experience in this area would be desired along with any knowledge in exhaust after treatment design and development.</li> <li>engineering experience in heavy equipment manufacturing methods and procedure is very helpful.</li> <li>must be open-minded and imaginative and not controlled by paradigms; expressive with communication skills and project solid judgment and supervisory skills.</li> <li>knowledge of pro-engineer and a good knowledge of analytical and testing methods and procedures.</li> <li>u.s. citizenship or permanent resident status (green card) required; transferable h1-b may be considered.</li></ul>