director - isd

<b>job description:</b><br /><br /><br /><span><label><b>job title:</b></label></span><span >director - isd</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>company summary:</b> <br></label></span><span >wal-mart stores, inc. (nyse: wmt) serves customers and members more than 208 million times per week at more than 8,600 retail units under 59 different banners in 15 countries. with fiscal year 2010 sales of $405 billion, wal-mart employs more than 2 million associates worldwide.</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>city: </b></label></span><span >bentonville</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>state: </b></label></span><span >ar</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>employment type: </b></label></span><span >full time</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>hourly/salary: </b></label></span><span >salary</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>position description:</b> <br></label></span><span >this position is responsible for assisting in the operation of a department. an individual in this position will be expected to perform additional job related responsibilities and duties throughout the department as assigned and/or as necessary. isd jobs could include pager responsibilities.<br><br>ensures business and technology solutions are aligned, secure, and compliant with corporate strategies by requiring that project implementation follows the software development methodology; identifying and communicating appropriate criteria to teams; and reviewing solutions.<br><br>supports financial sustainability by improving business processes; providing input to department profit and loss (p&l); tracking budgets; ensuring reliability and business continuity; creating and maintaining collaborative partnerships; and implementing cost reduction strategies.<br><br>oversees the relationship with and management of contractors and suppliers by reviewing budgets and deliverables; negotiating contracts and agreements; evaluating accountability and overall performance; and reviewing key measures with management team.<br><br>supports senior leadership by gathering and analyzing data; drawing conclusions from data; creating reports and metrics to define and measure performance; providing business-specific information and data to support management decisions; and interpreting data and trends.<br><br>provides overall direction for information systems division (isd) management by analyzing business objectives and customer needs; developing, communicating, building support for, and implementing business strategies, plans, and practices; analyzing costs and forecasts and incorporating them into business plans; determining and supporting resource requirements; evaluating operational processes; measuring outcomes to ensure desired results; identifying and capitalizing on improvement opportunities; promoting a customer-focused environment; and demonstrating adaptability and sponsoring continuous learning.<br><br>develops and implements strategies to attract and maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce by diagnosing capability gaps; recruiting, selecting, and developing talent; supporting mentorship, workforce development, and succession planning; and leveraging the capabilities of new and existing talent.<br><br>cultivates an environment where associates respect and adhere to company standards of integrity and ethics by integrating these values into all programs and practices; developing consequences for violations or non-compliance; and supporting the open door policy.<br><br>develops and leverages internal and external partnerships and networks to maximize the achievement of business goals by sponsoring and leading key community outreach and involvement initiatives; engaging key stakeholders in the development, execution, and evaluation of appropriate business plans and initiatives; and supporting associate efforts in these areas.<br><br>judgment: make sound judgments - uses objective financial and business analyses to evaluate the returns and risks of business choices. analyzes and integrates trends and patterns to determine the root causes of problems and identify solutions. evaluates short- and long-term<br>implications of decisions. accurately forecasts growth, costs, and business challenges.</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>minimum qualifications:</b><br></label></span><span >planning and improvement: advocate planning and continuous improvement - sets and communicates clear and aligned goals, monitors progress, and ensures leaders in own organization do the same. develops and implements plans and practices to ensure others have the information,resources, implementation time, and talent needed to succeed. develops and upgrades work assignments and processes to accomplish goals across functions, organizations, and geographies, where appropriate. sponsors continuous improvement and elimination of non-value-added work.<br>embraces, values, and implements diverse perspectives and ideas.<br><br>influence and communicate: inspire commitment develops and communicates logical, convincing justifications, including lessons learned, that build commitment and support for ones perspectives and initiatives. builds diverse, high-performing teams that accomplish organizational changes, goals, and priorities. ensures strategies, change initiatives, and competitive information are communicated in clear and compelling ways. listens to,leverages, and promotes the diverse ideas, perspectives, and contributions of others across the business.<br><br>ethics and compliance: promote ethics and compliance - builds and sustains an environment where adherence to and reinforcement of the<br>highest standards of integrity and ethics are the norm. identifies opportunities and takes action to enhance compliance within own organization. ensures associates receive the communication and instruction needed to act in accordance with policies and procedures.<br><br>adaptability: demonstrate adaptability - demonstrates creativity and strength in the face of change, obstacles, and adversity. adapts to competing demands and shifting priorities. updates knowledge and skills to handle new complexities, challenges, and responsibilities (for example, seeking out training, learning from experience, researching best practices). seeks exposure to new ideas and perspectives. sponsors programs and initiatives to improve adaptability and continuous learning capabilities in own organization.<br><br>talent: assess and improve talent - develops talent and replacement plans for own organization that increase effectiveness, build diversity, and enhance bench strength. identifies, utilizes, and integrates associates' strengths to produce improved results. creates an environment where people processes (for example, performance management, development) are used effectively to improve associate performance and achieve desired results throughout own organization. mentors, guides, and sponsors the development of key talent.<br><br>strategy: think and act strategically - creates strategies for own organization that align with the companys strategies and lead to the achievement of business priorities. pursues initiatives, investments, and opportunities that fit with and support company strategies. assesses deliverables<br>against leading industry practices and implements plans that leverage company advantages. works through different strategic options and determines their intended and unintended implications, and applies findings to business planning.</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>additional preferred qualifications:</b><br></label></span><span >infrastructure as a services leadership. basic understanding of utility computing service and billing. design understanding of automation and orchestration of monitoring, deployment and self-fulfillment. <br><br>capability for leading a infrastructure design team through infrastructure as a service, leading to software as a service. developing and implementing design documentation and standards.<br><br>understanding the design and integration of public, community, hybrid, and private cloud. <br><br>extensive experience with operating systems, including linux, aix, windows, servers, and network and the associated integration. experience with technology vendors.<br><br>must possess strong balance between technical aptitudes in infrastructure with leadership experience.<br><br>execution and results: optimize execution and results - uses the advantage of company size, internal and external resources, and talent to achieve success. creates an environment where associates are held accountable for achieving goals and results. applies broad, cross-functional knowledge and resources to produce results that best fit the company strategy. prioritizes and balances time, actions, resources, and initiatives to ensure accomplishment of critical results. makes sure desired change initiatives and priorities are implemented appropriately.<br><br>build relationships: build internal and external relationships - builds and sustains trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances across functional, organizational, and geographical boundaries to achieve goals. sponsors initiatives and programs that promote respect for, interest in,and support of associates. ensures associates are treated in an accepting, respectful manner.</span><br /><span ><label><br><b>req id: </b></label></span><span >48942br</span><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /><b><a target="_blank" href="" id="$job_id$" name="$job_title$" onclick="return trackclick(,;"><img name="img01" src="/images/buttons/apply.jpg" border="0"></a></b> <img src=";sz=1x1;ord=48942br" border=0 width=1 height=1 alt="">